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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> "bbworld news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. [fding for this presentation is made possible by e freeman foundaon of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolul the newman's ownoundation, the jo d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and ion bank.] bank.] >> uon bank has put its
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fincial strength to work for a wide range of compies, from small sinesses to major corporations. wh can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news". >> a time table for afghan to take back some contr. millions of dollars to tu the taliban. world leaders back a new strategy for afghastan. >> the pubc wants t see afghanistan tak all the strides towds ownership of its security and [unintelligible] >> facing the public for the first time since his sta of the union address. the formerench prime minister
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is acquitted of plotti to ear nicolas sarkozy. a warm welcome to "bbc world news." pleading hai's caseto the world's elite. bill clinton tells an audience oin thatas what th country eds. >> ckups are bigger. i need a hundred yesterday. >> j.d. salinger dies at age of 91. hello to you. afghans could ben charge o securityy the end of this year.
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there a fund to pay taliban fighters to give up their apons and bring moderate members back to society. john simpson as this. with t rsonal chemistry clearly working, hillary clinto and david millindeet an confence. skill for planning -- skillful planningmeant their representatives could age. americans took a backseat. it was gordon brown who sat out th objection- objectes. >> we have t turn the tide in the fightagainst the surgency but also in our work to suprt the afghan government in winning the trust of the pple.
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>> how to do it? onimportant part of the strategy is to try t divide the talibaby offeng them cash and jobs to leave. they're not a monolithic group. volunteers a there because the taliban usually payhem well. >> moving towards peace ishat afghanagree on. we must rch out to all of our countrymen, especially our disenchanted brother >> what he means is using 86 million pounds othe tle to ay the taban n toight western or afghasoldiers. howwill public opinion her react to tha a lot of people tnk it is strange to be spending british public money, paying, bribing liban people who have giv orders perhs to t murder of british soiers or carried out
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the order. bbes. no helto people who continue e practice terrorism. the oly practice 're -- condition were we're willing to work with them is th give up rrace dick activities. except that mocratic rules of afghanistan and tri tolay their part asordinary citizens. >> it was aranged that present karzai should think the itish army. he expressedis sympathy for the wives and mothersf those who have been kild. >> we undersnd their suffering and pain. there are millions ofothers in afghanistan who feel exactlyhe same wa >> it is hard to avoid the feeling this confence has been about british-american public opinion just much as it has been about the afghans themselves. a definite effort to persuade us all that this is not an open- ended war thatill sttch on into the indinite future,
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swallowing a money and lives- up money and lives. esident karzai has been made acceable again. have been promised that our rt in the warill begin to wind down in 18 months time. it has been a remarkable performancey the diplats and politicians. >> we picking up whereohn left, sixonthsago, british forces launched a major operation to secure parts of heand pronce against the taliban. hundreds of soldiers took part in operation panter'-- paner's claw. they have been backo the same rt of helmand province to check what has happened sie. >> we confirm it and s what
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they want us to do. >> bombs and bullets, it what passes for normal day here it may be retaed but it is a deadly one for the guards. we do not walk on the ros for the past. they're simply tooangerous. this is the area where panther's cla took pce last summer. it was operation that led that deh of 10 british ldiers and a number of othe that died subsequently in many waysit is good place to com tossess howell and how difficult the ssion is for the british troops her the last te we were here, it was a battlegrou. an iense and bloody strugg to drive the taban out. this is what looks like now. still scarred, but slowly recovering. day, the battle is fr
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[unintelligible] nd school and towns are the new front line. it is their pred object and the taliban know it. >> the teache says he has been thatened. so have the rents. the intimidations havi an fect. there shou be 180 udents but today, there are 40. the taliban a logger control this area. neither do the oops. -- no longer control is area. neither do the troops. >> the one day you could be winnin the next day you could be losing. its wgs by the mine. >> --- itswings by the mute. >> the road is meant to bring jobs in proess. the talibanontrol north and south appear. threatening the worker the crowds show thalife is
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returng. th the progress is slow and patch many lals do not want us here. if they cannot be convinced, imagine how hard it will be to persuade the insurgents to switch sides. the guns are silent but the fight for landeta influencgoes on. another major oense is coming in the mitary expect more bloodshed. whatever plans lonn or kabul have f ending thear, success depends on wt happens next in helmand. >> more o the main international news for y. two men ha been execed in iran. they are among 1sentenced to deaton chaes o waging war
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on god. they belied the election was rigged to securen election which e authorities deny. he is one a second term as leader. earl parliamentary elections cod strengthen his position. he will seek reconciliation with the tamil minorities. the tal tigers were defeated last year. maing 100 ays in office in indonesia. many believe he has filed on promises to stamp out corruption. he has support inhe country alough his polarity has fallen inecent polls. no mo than 24 hourafter his ste of the union address president ama left washington for firstest of publi opinion. he attended a town hall meeting in florida to question -- and
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took questions from the audience and announced a high- speed train oject. it is partof a bigger plan to create or save thounds of jobs. what are his chces of wning over a sktical public and a divid congress? our special coespondent in washgton. >> what struck me was how much e speech was meant fr americans, not the rest of us. it was5 minute unt the president addressedoreign- policy. even though the u. is fighting two ws and struggling to upgrade its national securit my guest believes this is an exllent speech that said that what -- accomplishewhat it set outo . >> this was not a spee to get people jumping up and down. we're in e middle of a ep recession. with thesewo wars going on.
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he has had serious political setbacks, so heeeded to give a speech that would show the public that wachastened by what had happen, understood the anger out the at the failure to de with unployment and otherroblems, but wa nack on his hels an instead was moving forrd. heas going to be a srong, tough prident. he was able to make a very smooth. it away from thhealth reform issue -- he was ale to make a smoo pivot away from the health reform issue to jobs. he got so energy in his own democrats, espeallyin congress especiay in the house, and replicans to fear if they areoing to become the party of no. >> this is the president who took office saying he would
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ret america's relationship with thabroad. >> the politics dend he looks in words. not eery president goes deeply detail about pblems in the world ia state of the union message. it is the ste of the union, ter all. he talk about iraq and afghistan. >> brily. >> he talked about iran in netiations with russia over nuclear weapons. his focus is political an imperative, starting his second year where he has had a serious setback and looking aheato a midterm ection inovember that could be a disaster for his own pay. he had t get a new start in his domeic dynamic, much re than addresthe problems of the world. >> if we could look at anotr ise which was th nature of ameran politic this decision to alow more coorate fancing of
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elections, something he w angry about and you are with him on that. >> i am with him on thatartly out of sf-interest. i had a hand in some hose laws the quarter return. extraordary to have the presidt singled out the supremeourt while t jtices were sitti there. they threwut 100 years of law andradition by a 5-4 vote. derstandable and jusfiable aer on his part. >> thank you for joining us in our washington studios. we will keep chewing over the implications of th speech as polls come out. > thanks for bein with us. from treasureto trash. a celebration failure a gallery in south london. >> toyota' problems seem to
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getting woe. it is expanding the rell of several ofts models in cina and europe it wants to recall 7,000 rav4 vehicles. >> until recently, it seed that toyotaould do no wrong. the compy maybe losing its gilded tch. you' the last decade, it increased its mark sre year after ye -- throuout the last decade, it increased it market share year afr year. its succes was widely attribed to its reputationor solid d reliable eineering. thelobal downturn has taken a avy toll on the bottom line. last year, it repord the iggest loss in its history. and now, i stands -- its andards of engineeri are coming undercrutiny. it has recalledhree. million ca in the u.s. alone antaken a popular models of
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the market. the ve has been made on safety grounds that some cou have faulty accerator pedals. this could ha a dramat effect on the coany. >> it aolutely enormous, the scale of the operation. stop it dead is castrophic. it is having anmpact on jobs and dlers. it is quitremarkable. everyone is trying tocramble to wor outhat the impact will be longer term. >> what began aa problemor a jury of and the.s. alone has beco a global issue for the company. - e osts could put a dent in eir battered earnings. the long term damage to its reputation could be me severe. >> the latestheadlines for you
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this hour. a timetable f afghans to take back contl of some provinces and millions of dollars to turn the liban. world leads meeting in london have backed new strategy for the country. the day after his state of e ion address, president obam as announced a new instment in high-spd rail projects. bill clintonas appealedto business leaders at the world economic forum toelp haiti. dallas, thformer president ied to giva sense of e scale of the tragedy and appealed for private investmt toelp haiti rebuil our correspondent reports. >> the day for a tick winter bts and snow chains. a worl away ishe caribbean devaation. insidthe das center, major
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fund-raising drive spearhded by none other than bl clinton. >> right nw, we need to figur out how to getthrough the week. i want them knonot worry about whether ey're going to eat. if anyon here w knows where i ca get some not big trucks, no semis, pickup trucks or sever, i need 100 yesterday. >> not just trucks but food is needeand cash. anppeal for the world' riches entrepreneurs to get invoed in rebuildg hait's collapsed ciety. out of this terble traged could emerge benefit for everye. >> this is an opportunity to re- imagine the future forhe haitian people to build the
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country they want to become instead of rebuilding what they used to be. invite you to be a part of that. >> you can see here why bill clinton has a reputatn as a formidable fund-raiser. his message could not have been more blunt there were giv a form to fill in to s how they can give aid haiti. >> this is where a lot ofhe people are wh the expertise and capacity and e money to make a difference. >> accord inparis has acquitted the former frencprime minister, plodding five years agoo dcredit nicolas saozy. botmen were hoping to suced jacques chirac as president. her rept does contain some flash photography. >> this is one of the most complicated political trls in french history.
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the vdict waplain and simple thormer prime minister acquitted of the charges. he h been accud of being part of a plot discredit his archril, nilas sarkozy. prosecutors claimed he was ying to spo sarkozy'chances as of winnin the 2007 french presidency. the court ruled there was no proof acted in bad faith. >> jusce has pvailed. afr many yearsf my ordeal, my innocence has been recognized. > the ca dates back to 2004 whenoth men were vying to succeed jacquechirac. he allegedly gave the names of businemen who gavebribe
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money. nicolas sarkozy's name was on that list. hthe acquittal sets the stage for his political coback. a ave and sophisticated diomatic, he has promisedo ofr france a polical alternative to nicolas saozy. the rebe may now run against each other in the next presidential election rival may n against each other in the xt presidential election in 2012. >> j.d. salinger ha died at the age of1. he lived for decadess recluse his home in new hampshire. the catcher in the rye" was a aple of high-school literature courses.
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his other novels were best sellers. thanks for your time. am sure a lot of people wching feel the same period when this newsroke in the wsroom here, it wasard to find anyone who has not read "catcher int eh they rye". >> i cannot tnk of any parallel to that. it is a book that everyeenager or yng adult has to re at some poi. >> you have this-- and do you have a sse of y it is gnificant? when it came out in 1951, it w incredib groundbreaking. one of the firsinstances of this kind ofstory being told from the point of view of a teenagerwith a strong voice and
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in theirst person. it was a tour inside the mind of a rebellious adolescent. it t the stage in a sense for a lot of the enage rebellion that came in the 10's and 197's. it is something that has never gone away. teenagers will rebel and be pelled from school and the will g in trouble and do things they should not do. all while trying to figure out their owidentities andhat the world means to them, how they fit in it. is was a book that capture that. >> no new fiction since 1965, whato know of the stories from friends and visitors to his home, th say ther is a larg safe tha contained 15ompleted manuscripts? >> there are incredible mors flying around. nody knows. it is sad that he died. at it means is tat some of those questions will finally be answered, i hope.
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we will know if has not writn anything for the last 50 years or whether he has kept stacks of manuripts, or whether this ma jobs will be burned by inruction. you ner know. we are ready for the answe to come out. >> a lot of people hing. thanks very much. if you are think -- ifou are someone who thinks modern art is rubbish, you may be vindited. an artist will rn the south ndon gallery into a diosal it he calls "art bin". >> it is worththousands. it was carefully carried into the south london gallery and thrown in a bin. also facing destruction was this work.
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ong with several other paintings and sculpres which they have all deed failures. are they that bad? we invit an art critic to cast his eye. >> i think i should be quietly forgotten. >> it is a tracy emin. >> a head made of toast. the public was making up its mind. >> as rubbish? i love this. >> it is modern ar >> it looksike a detox. >> someone's rubbhes someone els's gold. -- meone's rubbish ismeone
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else'goal. >> is th the satement about the real value of contporary art? he says not. >> there are some more conservative leaningeople ong us who think it is not good in the fir place. i doot think contemporary t isubbish. >> this is more a celebration of e fact that all of them have st days. a show where peop are encouraged to say yes, teat in the rubbish -- throw it in teh the rubbish. >> helicoers are rescuing strded people in maccu picu. there are complaints of a lac
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of food and water. just before o, a reminder of our main story. an international conference on afghanistan in london. 70 world leaders reesented. engang with merate taliban leader a eat many dollaron the table and hoping the strategy will work. this is "bbc news". funding for this presentatio is made possibley the freeman foundation of new york, stow vermont, and honulu, the newm's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundati, and union nk.] nk.] >> union nk has put its nancial strength to work for wide range of coanies, from smalbusinesses to major
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coorations. what c we do for you? >> i'm julia stiles. >> i'm vin bacon. i'm kim cattrall. >> hi, i'm ken burns. >> 'm lili taylor. >> i'm nry louis gates jr., and public broadcastinis my source forews about the world. >> for intelligent conversatn. >> for election coverage u can counon. >> for conversations beyon the sound bites. >> a commment to journalism. >> for deciding who toote for. >> i'm kerry washinon, and public broadcasting is my source for intelligent connections to my communi. >> "bbc world ne" was presented by kcet, los aeles. presented by kcet, los aeles.
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